Entry #1

An introduction...

2007-10-06 12:30:43 by pieguy48

Yola. This is Pieguy. (woulda never guessed, huh) I guess sort of an introduction is in order, so that when I become rich and famous (bahaha) people will know a little bit about me.

My name is Pieguy. Really. I've been making Flash stuff for a couple years now, only recently did I improve their quality. I like to try new things...sometimes they work, other times they don't. (For example, games where you can't die = not working) It takes me about 3 days to make a good game, and I'm sure if I had the attention span to work any longer, 4.00 games would be much more common from me. I can't draw. At all. I try to keep graphics simple...Circles, squares, and triangles. And I have a hamster named Ramone.

My temporary website is at http://flashtastik.blogspot.com . Once I get my hands on some real money, though, I'm gonna shoot for a real website.


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2007-10-06 12:49:50

I dont have a hamster named Ramone


2008-03-02 18:42:22

I've seen your games. I think I'll have to keep track of you to see what's next :P count on my vote, I'll probably be reviewing your games by now


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